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Season 7, Episode 1October 1, 2006Joan returns from doing volunteer work in New Orleans and tries to contact Toni and heal their rift, only to discover that Toni is leaving for New York and that William is engaged to Monica (Keesha Sharp). Season 7, Episode 3October 16, 2006Self-centered Joan is frustrated that Maya's home is the new hangout for the girlfriends, so she organizes fitness-training sessions at her house, and Maya senses Joan's ulterior motive. Season 7, Episode 2October 8, 2006Joan fumes when she finds Monica running the J-Spot, and she learns that William is having doubts about marrying Monica. Season 7, Episode 4October 22, 2006Lynn goes to an open-mike night at a club, where she meets a record-label scout (Taran Killam) who is interested in giving her a chance---for a price. Season 7, Episode 5October 30, 2006Joan hopes to fill the void left by Toni's departure by trying to befriend Monica, and even goes so far as to get Lynn and Maya to like Monica. develops real romantic feelings for Brett after he saves her during the mission, but Brett becomes interested in Marisa and they begin dating. tries to be supportive for Marisa and Brett, even getting them a dating calendar and creating a dating scrapbook.

and Brett is the romantic/friendship relationship pairing between K.

did well in the ratings, coming in second to only its parent/lead-in during its first year. Yup, the character on which the spin-off was based split after the freshman season (with the exception of a cameo in season three).

But the tone and overall energy of the show was criticized widely for being boring and bland. At the beginning of the second season we find out that Denise dropped out of Hillman to travel throughout Africa.

Meanwhile, Darnell is facing pressure from Maya to have a baby, but he doesn't want another child. Meanwhile, Joan and William discover that money is missing from the J-Spot. Meanwhile, Maya asks for William's advice on phone sex after Darnell falls asleep during one of her monologues. Joan thinks that the timing of Brock's arrival may be an opportunity to finally realize her dream of marriage and a family, and she goes away with him on a trip to Catalina Island.

Season 7, Episode 6November 6, 2006Jabari skips school and plagiarizes an assignment, and Lynn tells Maya she thinks Jabari may be acting out in reaction to their move to the suburbs. Season 7, Episode 7November 13, 2006Joan comes to terms with being single and goes to a restaurant alone as her first act of acceptance. Season 7, Episode 8November 20, 2006Joan and Maya suggest that there are better ways for Lynn to further her career after learning that she is singing in a karaoke bar. Season 7, Episode 10December 11, 2006Aaron (Richard T.

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The show hit a couple of speed bumps in the beginning of its six-season run, but it eventually became a fresh balance of comedy and drama that spoke true to the experiences of young black adults in the early-'90s. The writing staff was fired and producer Anne Beatts (Remember Square Pegs?