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rian Shaffer blended into the pissed-up gaggle that trickled into the bar.

He resembled every other student celebrating spring break, another face in the flock, another voice in the honking throng.

On Monday, he was flying to Miami with his girlfriend, Alexis. When the lights came up, Clint and Meredith scanned the room; they shouted Brian’s name over the clink of beer bottles; they slithered between the crowds. “The police were just as confused as the rest of us,” Derek Shaffer tells me.

This circular walk takes you around the delightful Barrington deer park in the Great Barrington area of the Cotswolds.

The walk starts in the village of Great Barrington and follows footpaths around the deer park before a waterside section along the River Windrush returns you to the village.

Born and bred on a small island off the coast of North Korea; gave it all up to move to Egypt and write about cupcakes.

A personal introduction to beautiful Latin women on your very own private Latin romance tour.

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The walk starts in Great Badminton and heads to Little Badminton through Badminton Park.

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