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Complete with a valve buffered effects loop, this compact head is at equally at home in the club as it is in the studio.For players who love their pedals, the fully buffered, low impedance loop allows for any number of effects and cables to be patched between the amp’s input and output sections without sacrificing tone.

We had heard a rumor that 95% of Princeton alumni marry other Princeton alumni (this is definitely a rumor — no one at Princeton keeps track of this), and we thought about our future husbands, somewhere on campus.When I talked to Jenji later, she told me, "You know, with Piper you're worried she's gonna get her ass kicked in prison. When I look at you, I'm not scared about you getting your ass kicked." Not to say that Taylor [Schilling] of us. " Do you normally have a problem hanging out with ladies? But I play poker, I watch UFC, I have a motorcycle — I tend to do things that guys like to do. Then a little bit of time went by and Jenji's like, "I can't get you out of my head for Alex Vause." Did you identify with Piper when you were going to audition for her?It's funny; when you look at both characters, I definitely identify more with Alex.

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Patton's letter to the Daily Princetonian published on March 29, "Advice for the young women of Princeton: the daughters I never had," I wasn't particularly surprised by what she had to say.

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  1. Convention refugees have a well-founded fear of persecution in their home country based on their race, religion, political opinions, nationality or membership in a particular social group.