Intimidating police cars

Posted by / 07-Mar-2016 22:16

Maybe that’s where the less impressive police cars come in. But if you can do the time and are likely to be caught red-handed, why not commit said offence in a country where you can at least enjoy a high-speed getaway chase with the cops in a top-end hypercar?Check the following list for the world’s greatest and most disappointing police cars...Like the gold of the poem, however, this idyll is tinged with sadness.Just as the gold in the poem vanishes, the idyll must end, and the boys must face the consequences of the murder.

I think the new dark-grey cruisers look superb having never been a fan of the red, white, and blue Toronto cruisers or the bright yellow ones before that.Alfa Romeo may be late to the crossover party, but the all-new Stelvio cuts a distinct mark in the crowded crossover space.The Stelvio is crucial to the Italian brand's successful return to the U. Jaguar, like Alfa, was known for clever cars with questionable quality. patrol vehicles making up the backbone of modern constabularies’ police car fleets.Nothing to write home about, but at least we’ve made progress from the days of Austin Metros and Vauxhall Cavaliers…Further afield though, some police forces have adopted increasingly exotic motors to their fleet, with law-enforcing supercars popping up everywhere from Italy to the Middle East.

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