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Good guy vs bad guy dating

" Besides, you're most likely attracted to a bad boy's confidence, independence or rebellious, adventurous spirit—traits nice guys have too.

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It's not because they're jerks - no one likes someone because they're a jerk.

Is the kindness a facade or is it the core of the man?If it was the potential that counted, then maybe it was the restraint that was so sexy, knowing that he could do something dangerous and powerful but had the restraint not to.” ― Shanna Swendson, “If you don't feel the same way about him, if you're just leading him on, you need to tell him that.I've seen too many nice guys get shafted because a girl can't get over some jerk.” ― Nenia Campbell, “Zoe gave him a look that was difficult to interpret.He’s the guy who usually has a lot of girl friends but can’t seem to get a girlfriend. A good man is kind solely because it’s the right thing to do.For those of us who try to be kind and go the extra mile for others, the nice guy’s consistent outcome is really discouraging. ” A lot of guys seem to have this question as well. A nice guy’s kindness is an act, a facade he keeps for the purpose of making himself more appealing. He will be kind and helpful whether he is recognized or not. A nice guy handles rejection poorly, feeling that his good acts have been wasted on an “ungrateful” recipient.

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Recently, an article published by Broadly claimed, “Everyone knows [bad boys] … Thanks to a recent study, this is now scientifically verifiable.” The research it refers to is a study published earlier this year, which suggested that some men smoke and drink because this makes them more attractive short-term partners.