Dating different political views

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Dating different political views

Where once young people wouldn’t care if a potential boyfriend or girlfriend told them they voted for say, the Tories, the impression that political affiliation defines social groups is now an additional barrier to relationships.” We’ve certainly become more assertive about who we support and why – especially since the last election.So is dating along political lines a faster, more accurate way to find love with a like-minded person?"After talking for a little while about the presidential candidates, gun control, and trying to explain to him the separation of church and state, I decided this was just not going to work for me."When Katie, 28, found out her crush would vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, she decided to nip their relationship in the bud."I didn't even bother to get into it with him because I could sense the passion in his voice," she said.I am a class snuggle anarchist who used to identify as an especifist/ neo-platformist, but I have come to accept the reality that the thought of horizontal organization and/ or social insertion kind of creep me out.” But more than just connect “especifist/ neo-platformists” with other like-minded souls; the page raises the question of whether people do prefer dating others with similar political persuasions.Is it really that important in a relationship for you to both vote the same way? In a short space of time, most people came back saying they “couldn't countenance anything personal with an extremist of any sort.That's probably why one in three people polled likes to bring politics up on the first date to make sure there aren't any deal-breakers.This policy might prevent situations like the one Vanessa, 25, found herself in when she realized the guy she'd been dating for seven months wasn't pro-choice.

The general view was that dating someone with different political opinions would just lead to arguments.

It has attracted thousands of so-called leftists who use the site to upload a photo, write a typically jokey post and invite others to get in touch via Facebook.

A classic comment reads: “I guess I will give it a shot.

“No matter how hot, cool, or smart a guy is, I’d end a date if I found out he supported The Donald,” says my friend Allie, a single 28-year-old start-up marketer in New York.

“I hate getting into fights with people about politics!

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“I could hook up with a Republican, but I could never, ever date one, because that would severely downgrade my opinion of them,” he says.

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