300 year history internet dating

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300 year history internet dating

Radiocarbon dating of woody debris shows that the huge Rowan Landslide, on the left, happened only about 500 years ago.

University of Washington geologists analyzed woody debris buried in earlier slides and used radiocarbon dating to map the history of activity at the site. 22 in the journal Geology, show that a massive nearby slide happened around 500 years ago, and not thousands of years ago as some had believed.

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Nichi says it was the 1700s that saw women beginning to be treated as if they had minds and opinions of their own.

Physical beauty became less important and men were more interested in a well-read woman who could dance.“Similar to Jane Austen’s characters, social class was hugely influential when it came to dating,” Nichi adds.

Meantime, hundreds of thousands jammed into the National Mall in Washington, D.

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As a single woman, Nichi Hodgson was rigorous in her research for her new book.

“I went on five dates a week and wrote for five days a week,” she says.“I learned three things: don’t hide who you are, don’t be too accommodating and be fully invested through all the stages, no exception.

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